When embarking on any new hobby, it can be pretty overwhelming to see all the tools available on the market and it is possible to waste an awful lot of money when you are just starting out.

I think I may own every single sculpting tool ever invented;

wooden ones,
stainless steel ones,
plastic ones,
rubber ones,
large ones,
small ones,
hooped one,
sharp ones,
blunt ones,
round ones,

…last month I bought a dentistry set.  😮

I want to share the Top 5 sculpting tools that you need as an animal sculptor.
these are the ONLY tools I ever use – the rest just sit there and make me look like I know what I’m doing !

#1 6″ Boxwood Tool

  • Boxwood
  • For joining slabs
  • Adding texture

#2 Forged Steel Tool

  • Sheffield Steel
  • Overall length 210 mm
  • 50 mm heads finely serrated
  • for levelling large areas 

3# Forged Steel Tool

  • Sheffield Steel
  • Overall length 165 mm
  • 10 mm heads
  • great for small detail 
  • I cant do eyes without it! 

4# Diamond Core Tool V-tip Pencil Carver

  • Carve Bone Dry or Leather hard Clay
  • Much Sharper than ordinary loop tools
  • Leave little to no debris or burrs 
  • Use for carving, Sgraffito, sculpting, scraping, Mishima

5# Yes it’s cling film and any other variety of plastic wrap – thicker/ thinner the more the merrier!
   See the cling film in action – need I say more?      I’d love to know what your top 5 tools would be –  Please post about them in the comment box below! 

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