Here are the last Grandfathers Frosts of the season, before I say goodbye for another year. 

I’m not going to lie, it was a relief to tidy the table in the front room and put my paints away ready for something different!

This Grandfather frost was a gift for my mother, it is decorated with koi and is giving the gift of an amethyst to the receiver.  The amethyst is symbolic of good health, happiness, love and courage – if I could give my mum any gifts in the world it would be those things ❤ 

The amethyst is also my mums February birthstone, the water represents her water sign and the Koi illustrate the fish from her Pisces star sign as well as the koi she keeps. I love thinking up these small details to make something extra special to bring out at Christmas… although I expect, knowing my mum, this one will be out to see all year long 😍

The final pair I wanted to share with you are now enjoying their new life in California.  I was commissioned to create a pair of Santa’s who would hold the images of two special pugs, now no longer with us.  I love this idea, to bring out the images of those adored animals no longer with us at Christmas time.

This was a senior pair and I painted these portraits from photographs the client shared with me.  Maybe this is something I’ll do more of next Christmas… it’s a beautiful way to remember those most loved. ❤

So I will but my brushes down and crystals away, until next Christmas.  It’s been fun and I have discovered a new love of porcelain which I hope to develop and experiment with in the new year. 💖

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