So, I have made the very last of my Grandfather Frosts and the season has drawn to the end as the New Year has begun with the reminder that spring is on it’s way.

I have had a lot of ideas for next year’s Santa’s and I feel I have plenty of ideas to develop to make next year’s project bigger and better – but if I have learnt anything it is that having a project is the way forward. I planned to create 8 Santa’s to illustrate the stanzas in the poem A Gift for Grandfather Frost and I achieved this.  Here are the eight in the collection, all hand sculpted from porcelain, fired, glazed and painted, all completely unique and decorated with 22 carat gold and Swarovski Crystals .  

A Gift for Grandfather Frost

When Grandfather Frost looked up to the sky,
He met two cardinals – flying up high,
The cardinals sang a song full of cheer,
A tune for Grandfather to whistle all year

When Grandfather Frost climbed up to the roof,
He met an owl – looking rather aloof,
The owl dropped a feather that fell where he sat,
A feather for Grandfather to wear in his hat

When Grandfather Frost hopped over the wall,
He met a hedgehog – tucked into a ball,
The hedgehog shed a quill in pure delight,
A quill for Grandfather to beautifully write

When Grandfather Frost stepped into the field,
He met a peacock – with plumage revealed,
The peacock gave a show in coloured array,
A show for Grandfather to brighten his day

When Grandfather Frost hiked over the hill,
He met a hare – sat incredibly still,
The hare had a dance and jumped at such height,
A dance for Grandfather to practice each night

When Grandfather Frost jumped into the shrubs,
He met a fox – taking care of it’s cubs,
The fox gave a smile it chose to unhide,
A smile for Grandfather to feel warm inside

When Grandfather Frost sat under the tree,
He met a squirrel – as shy as can be,
The squirrel found a nut he saves for his guests,
A nut for Grandfather to eat as he rests

When Grandfather Frost walked past the fence gate,
He met a robin – just perched there in wait,
The robin told a tale that soon was unfurled,
A tale for Grandfather to share with the world

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