Title: Stolen Freedom

Medium Used: Porcelain, transparent glaze, platinum

Size : Height 32cm, Width 15cm, Depth 18cm

I have a memory pushed to the back of my mind of walking through the dry streets of Delhi and on my left coming out of a side lane was a man dressed in a long cotton suit, in his hand was a chain and next to him was macaque walking on two legs, around his neck was a thick metal choker.
Now I recall this image with deep sadness that a person can be so cruel and have such a misinformed sense of self-entitlement and ownership of the land and the lives upon it.

I have never understood this, and this particular image has stuck with me through the years. This sculpture was based on my memories here , the young macaque is alone, chained to the post but his mind takes him to a better place where he has found his peace.

The body may be broken but the mind is free.
His mind wonders to the land of hope, freedom and utopia. Butterflies indicate the change that is coming and that beauty and freedom cannot be owned by any man. The Macaque is sculpted from porcelain, the purest clay in its natural white state to symbolise purity, innocence and empowerment of the young primate and his inner strength.
This haunting image reminds us all that there’s no beauty in stolen freedom. 
Macaques, and many, many other animals around the world face cruelty, and exploitation at the hands of humans. 
Let’s do what we can to give these animals a voice. 💔💔

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