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All of my inspiration comes from our animal friends and some of the wonderful, selfless people who put their own lives on hold to be a voice to the animals who do not have one.

One of the people is Izabella St James who runs the Pug Queen Foundation to help pugs in need all around the world. Recently she has been involved with organisations in China; as there are no legislative protections in place for animals in this country many dogs are victims of the incredible brutal and inhumane Meat Trade, along with local abuse, neglect and abandonment cases.
These organisations rely on the help of flight volunteers and partner rescues, and thanks to these amazing people the lucky few are able to leave China and find loving forever homes all over the world.  

The Pug Queen posts her work to Instagram and I encourage you to support her and follow her work and it’s hard not to find inspiration in the work she does.

No one wants to be the person that turns a blind eye at the hand of cruelty but its surprising how few people will stand up for those in need as it takes huge courage and sacrifice.

In my bid to support her work I have set up a fundraiser in the form of a raffle, all the money will be sent to The Pug Queen Foundation the winner will receive a hand sculpted ceramic sculpture of their dog, made by me.

All the information is on my GoFundMe page

Please Please, help support this wonderful lady and enter as many times as you can.

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