Why We Should all Chase the Rainbow!

Like all of us out there, I’m doing my best to stay home and stay safe – but whenever I do go for a walk with my dog as part of our daily exercise, our favourite thing to do is rainbow spotting! Rainbows are popping up everywhere, and thanks to the Facebook group (Chase The Rainbow) and Twitter hashtag (#chasetherainbow), […]

New Work: Stolen Freedom

Title: Stolen Freedom Medium Used: Porcelain, transparent glaze, platinum Size : Height 32cm, Width 15cm, Depth 18cm I have a memory pushed to the back of my mind of walking through the dry streets of Delhi and on my left coming out of a side lane was a man dressed in a long cotton suit, in his hand was a chain and next […]

Top 5 tools I couldn’t live without!

When embarking on any new hobby, it can be pretty overwhelming to see all the tools available on the market and it is possible to waste an awful lot of money when you are just starting out. I think I may own every single sculpting tool ever invented; wooden ones,stainless steel ones,plastic ones,rubber ones,large ones,small ones,hooped one,sharp ones,blunt ones,round ones, …last month […]

New Work: Hope for the Sumatran Elephant

I thought I’d share the inspiration behind my new work ‘ Hope for the Sumatran Elephant,’ hand sculpted from porcelain, decorated with a transparent glaze. This elephant was sculpted from porcelain and handcrafted over paper. The sculpture was left to dry over 2 weeks and after the bisque I applied a transparent glaze over the piece which brought out the […]

Nurturing Creativity

Pablo Picasso once said… ‘We are all born an artist, the problem is how to remain one as we grow up…”. Pushing aside my reservations for showing enthusiasm for Picasso in this one area, he certainly gets me thinking; where does our creativity go?If you ask a 5 year-old to draw you a picture, they will, unsurprisingly, come up with […]

My Christmas Collection 2019

What was the inspiration behind my 2019 Santa Clauses? Walking through the streets of Budapest at every handmade shop window stands small carvings of Ded Moroz, the symbol of Russias Winter. Nests of matryoshka dolls adorn the shelves and the idea of using my sculpture as a canvas for a painting came to me. The direct translation for Ded Moroz […]