How to order a private commission

A question I get asked quite often is “How much would it cost to have my dog/pet created,” and this is great, because this is what I do! It’s a large part of my sculpting business and I love to create something that is special and unique to that person or family.

The difference here between my work and generic animal sculptures you might see on the market is that these works are not cast from a mould, they are individually sculpted. when a company or artist casts from a mould these same moulds can be used many, many times so much of the cost is spread over these multiple pieces. as these are only off pieces the multiple hours of work and materials will of course mean the price is higher- but you will also own a work of art, the only one in the world like it.  

A bespoke commission is a work of love that the artist will return to many times to get the features exactly right to be a perfect representation of a much-loved pet - so their character really shines through. A large portion of my sculpting is made up of private commissions and I like the challenge of capturing the subject’s character and bringing the client’s idea to reality. It all starts when I am approached by a client with an idea about a commission… and then the fun begins!

Ordering a Commission

The client usually takes a look at the sculptures I have already created and comes to me with a definite idea of the subject they would like sculpted: “I would like to have a statue of an
elephant/my cat/ dog.” The details of what the sculpture is doing will bring out its character so the pose is important, I ask clients to decide if they would like their pet’s favourite toy to be included, a collar or any other detail to make it really special. I will ask the client the size of the sculpture they would like and then give them time to collect some photographs. These photographs are really important as I can only get a true likeness if the photographs are clear and taken without distortion. As many photographs as possible is best to get a
true 3 dimensional likeness of the animal.

How much are they?

The price of each commission has depends on size, finish, details needed and time required. So after the initial conversations I will calculate a bespoke price based on the costs of materials, firing and time required. I will give a price and ask for a 20% deposit of the final price. Once I receive this and the photographs required I will start work on my new little project!

When will it be ready?

During the creative process I will give the client regular updates and opportunities to input into the creative process to ensure everything is perfect.
Pet sculptures will typically take a maximum of 8 weeks to complete from start to finish.